Tourists who have decided to come to Lake Garda in order to spend their holiday must keep in mind there are several manners of getting there: by air, by car or by train.

By airplane

The fastest and the most comfortable way to get to Lake Garda and to the holiday resorts located in the region is to take the plane. Lake Garda is located near the northern large cities of Verona International Airport (only a 30-kilometer distance), Brescia International Airport (40 kilometers) and Bergamo (80 kilometers). Tourists who land at Verona Airport come from many European cities, such as London, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Monaco, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bucharest, as well as from many other non-European cities like Marrakesh, Cairo, Luxor, Sham El Sheikh, Monastir, Tel Aviv or Cairo.

More details on arrival and departure flights to/from Verona can be found by visiting

People who fly to Brescia Airport must know that many large international airways like Air France, Air Italy, Lufthansa or British Airways travel to and from this airport to various destinations.

Further information regarding Brescia Airport can be found by visiting

By car

Those who prefer to drive to Lake Garda must know this is a an excellent alternative, since the Italian highways and roads are generally in very good condition. The area of Lake Garda is linked to the rest of Italy by motorways.

One can take the A22 Motorway Brennero - Modena and take the Rovereto exit if their destination is the north side of the lake. The Affi exit is recommended to tourists who head for Sirmione or for other towns on the south shore of Lake Garda.

People who happen to drive to Lake Garda on the A4 Motorway Serenissima Milan - Venice must take the Brescia East exit or one of the following exits: Desenzano del Garda, Sirmione or Peschiera del Garda.

Generally speaking, in Italy one must pay a tax to run your car on the motorway. The payable amount depends on the distance which is to be covered. More information regarding the tariffs and prices, as well as on the means of payment and on the Italian motorway map can be found on the website.

By train

One of the safest and fastest way of transport to Lake Garda is to take the train. Traveling by train trough Italy to Lake Garda is also very relaxing and a joy for the eye, taking into account the natural landscape is just fabulous. The nearest train stations to Lake Garda and its tourist resorts are Brescia Centrale, Verona Centrale, Roverento, Peschiera del Garda and Desenzano del Garda, Sirmione.

RFI Trains

A very efficient train connection has been established between Berlin and Verona by means of a RFI high speed train. This state-of-the-art train guarantees a very short trip between the two destinations and a high standard of comfort. For more details regarding the trains traveling to Italy and within the country, please visit website.

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