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A 3 days weather forecast for the region of Lake Garda and the resorts located here is provided by

The region of Lake Garda benefits from at least six hours of sunshine a day between April and October, when autumn starts. In June and July the sun shines up to 10 hours a day.

Air temperature during the summer season can go up to 30 degrees Celsius, but the breeze coming from the north cools the air creating a perfect weather. It is recommended to visit the lake and the neighboring resorts between May and September when tourists can experience a Mediterranean weather.

Water temperature is very low in winter and during the spring months, since the water of the lake comes from the snow melting in the mountains which surround the lake. The low air temperatures are cooling the lake too. The water temperature increases from May, and during the summer season tourists can actually swim in the lake.

Precipitations are solid in winter, when it snows a lot, while in spring and late autumn the amount of precipitation received is at its maximum value. In summer, rainfall in the region of Lake Garda is rather low.

Lake Garda is famous for making available plenty of opportunities to practice surfing and other water sports. The wind creates the perfect conditions for all people keen on nautical sports all the year round. The north shore features the best wind conditions.

The summer weather (May to October) is excellent for sunbathing and outdoor activities, while water temperatures are perfect for water sports.

Weather Forecast Excite Italy

On the Excite website visitors can find meteorological information and the weather forecast for Riva del Garda and for the other lake resorts: minimum and maximum temperatures, atmospheric pressure variation, wind intensity and direction, UV index, etc.

Weather Forecast Riva del Garda - Excite Italy

Weather Forecast Ansa Meteo

Weather forecast for the resort of Riva del Garda located at Lake Garda. Check the weather forecast and the minimum and maximum temperatures for the next night and for the day after.

Ansa meteo Weather Forecast for Riva del Garda

Weather Forecast Meteo Tg5

Weather forecast for the next 5 days, information on minimum and maximum daytime temperatures, atmospheric pressure, fog and precipitations, wind direction and intensity. Weather Tg5 - Lake Garda

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