Sirmione, deemed by many the jewel of Lake Garda, is one of the most popular cities within the region of Lake Garda.

As soon as they enter the city, after crossing the bridge and the castle walls, visitors become aware that what Sirmione is about to offer them, from a tourist point of view, is of special magnificence.

The narrow streets dotted with shops, restaurants, and B&Bs hidden from the eyes of the curious stimulate tourists to explore the most discreet corners of the city.

In Sirmione, even the lake water features a particular turquoise hue, and the thermal springs in Sirmione, which were discovered 2,000 years ago, appeal to tourists of all ages. It seems Romans themselves used to appreciate this special place, plenty of vestiges in the area evidencing the extent to which Sirmione was prized in the Roman world.

The only drawback of the city of Sirmione refers to the difficult road traffic. Given the city is crossed by one main thoroughfare, traffic jams are constantly generated. Unfortunately, on top of that, Sirmione does not excel in parking spaces either, parking lots being often improvised on the side of the road.

However, such issues should not discourage tourists from visiting this unique city. People who do want to visit it, but only if they are provided with the means to avoid the jam, are advised to come here early in the morning or off-season.

Must-sees of Sirmione refer to the Cave of Catullo, the Castle of Sirmione (built during the 12th century), as well as to the three spa centers: Catullo, Virgilio and Aquaria.

Tourist information office in Sirmione

Tourist information office in Sirmione
2, Viale Marconi, 25019, Sirmione, Brescia, Italy
0039 0309 16114 / 0039 0309 16245
0039 0309 16222
[email protected]