Peschiera del Garda is one of the two cities connected to the main railroad and, in addition, it is located in close proximity to the motorway. These two benefits turn the city into one of the most intensely frequented areas on the lake shore.

The center of the city is truly fascinating, replete with old buildings standing as an evidence of the battles which took place here.

Just nearby the port there is yet another historical monument, a bridge used in the past as a strategic manner of blocking the enemy to advance towards the center of the city.

Despite the fact Peschiera del Garda does not feature any beaches set up to tourist purposes, but only small free areas on the lake shore, the city is worth visiting by force of both its historical monuments and its shopping area located opposite the lake. One thing tourists should keep in mind is they should not miss out the Parish Church of San Martino and the Church of Virgin Mary which is still embellished by 17th century frescoes.

Tourist information office in Peschiera del Garda

Tourist information office in Peschiera del Garda
15, Piazzale Betteloni, 37019, Peschiera del Garda, Verona, Italy
0039 0457 551673
0039 0457 550381
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