Riva del Garda is one of the largest cities on the shore of Lake Garda.

The view which opens in front of all visitors is simply stunning, and the way the mountain slopes down into the lake can only be deemed a source of huge aesthetic satisfaction.

Despite the fact the streets ensuring the access to the city are particularly crowded, and even if the road traffic within the city is quite an issue and, furthermore, even if parking lots are scarce and finding an available parking place can turn into a genuine adventure, Riva del Garda offers some specific means of transport which can mitigate the downsides described above.

Thus, the Riva del Garda port is an excellent starting point for tourists who want to explore the surroundings of the city by boat. In fact, most of the tourists coming to Lake Garda begin their journey into the wonderful world of the cities in the region in the very port of Riva del Garda, which is a feature of no little importance for the tourist reputation of the resort.

People who want to sunbathe in Riva del Garda must go to the east side of the port, where the best sunbathing venue is located. This is a place fitted with clean well-kept beaches.

Tourists keen on shopping must learn Riva del Garda is replete with fashionable boutiques and stores of famed European designers.

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Association for spa tourism in Riva del Garda

Association for spa tourism in Riva del Garda
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