Molina Park is located in the province of Verona, at a considerable distance from Lake Garda, yet less than 100 kilometers north from Riva del Garda. All in all, it stands out as a tourist attractions which should not be missed out by people vacationing at Lake Garda.

Thus, the pride of the park refers to its waterfalls, of which the most spectacular are the so-called Bear Waterfall (Cascata dell’Orso) and Tombolo Waterfall (Cascata del Tombolo). The formation of these waterfalls is owed to the long geological transformations on the background of a fairly rich hydrological layer.

Once in this park, visitors should not overlook the village of Molina proper, a picturesque settlement sunken in a medieval atmosphere which can only please to people passionate about historical explorations.

For further information on the specificity of the tours made available at Molina Park, use the indications provided below:

Molina Park (Waterfall Park) (Parco delle Cascate)
1, Via Bacilieri, Molina, Verona, Italy
0039 0457 720185
0039 0457 720185
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