Picoverde is a water park both children and adults will enjoy visiting.

This is a park where nature accommodates perfectly with fun. This is how the park can be described in a few words. Here, tourists can relax while enjoying the surrounding greenery, but they also have the opportunity to bathe, which is a solution at hand in particular during the hot summer season.

Children can have fun by indulging in water games, sliding on the especially fitted facilities, or they can play in the shade, in a small park designed to this purpose precisely.

On the other hand, adults can have fun on the kamikaze slides, they can swim in the semi-Olympic pool, relax with a cool drink at the bar, or they can have their meal at the elegant restaurant in the park.

In case all these might do not sufficient for demanding visitors, tourists must learn Picoverde makes available a football field, as well as an artificial pond on the shore on which visitors can stroll peacefully.

Contact information:

19, Via Ossario, Custoza, Verona, Italy
0039 0455 16025
0039 0455 15133
[email protected]