People who have decided to visit Gardaland must prepare to enter a genuine fantasy world. They will be guided by Prezzemolo and his friends, and they will discover a kids’ world of stories dedicated to the little ones, but not exclusively.

On the Dinosaurs’ Island, visitors will see prehistoric animals they could only imagine until then, but without feeling the rush of an actual direct confrontation.

Mad House is a place where to be alone is not possible, given each and every step the visitor takes brings something unpredictable: all sorts of creatures which defy the laws of physics will surprise them by jumping in front of them or by grabbing their hand.

By visiting Jungle Rapids, the curious have the opportunity to discover the mysteries of an ancient civilization. Under the careful gaze of Buddha, they will dip into the forest and face ferocious animals.

Flint Island gives visitors the occasion to admire the park from the amazing height of 50 meters, and at Space Vertigo they will be launched into the space by means of a cannon amounting to 40 meters.

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