Toscolano-Maderno is considered, administratively speaking, an unitary city, but in fact, it consists of two parts.

Toscolano, which is located in the north, does not differ from all the other cities within the region, which is not a drawback, but an advantage.

Plenty of places where tourists can camp are spotted at the entrance of the city, and the distance from these camping sites to the beach is quite short.

Beaches are nothing but splendid in Toscolano.

Separated by stone and rock conglomerates, each of these beaches seem to have been cut out from a different story. The view to the mountains, at the foot of which many villages with churches built in the highland, can only overwhelm. The lake itself, for that matter, looks better when contemplated from the beaches in Toscolano.

Maderno is located in the south, and it is a truly picturesque place. The gulf, surrounded by restaurants and hotels, populated by countless yachts, yields a splendid view. Another attraction in Maderno refers to its sand beach, which calls forth the top luxury beach resorts of the world. This fashionable beach stands out by its cleanliness, it is well kept, being dotted with bars, lounge chairs and sunshades, and it is highly likely to satisfy even the most demanding tourists.

Tourist information office in Toscolano Maderno

Tourist information office in Toscolano Maderno
1, Via Sacerdoti, 25088, Toscolano Maderno, Brescia, Italy
0039 0365 546083
0039 0365 641330
[email protected]