Salo is an elegant and fairly big city, neighboring on a long narrow gulf.

Its old buildings and, in particular, its lakeside promenade which is, for that matter, one of the most beautiful, if not even the most beautiful of all promenades in the tourist area delineated by Lake Garda, are the chief attractions which render this city so appealing to tourists.

The outskirts of the city, south from the gulf, are the place where a shingle beach is located, and here tourists can relax while sunbathing and contemplating the beauty of the city and of the background mountains.

In Salo there are plenty of shops and eateries, or other venues where tourists can relax, admiring the surroundings.

Similar to other cities, road traffic in Salo is fairly difficult, and tourists who drive to the center of the city will surely need to make efforts to find a free parking lot. Some of the most notable attractions in Salo refer to the old buildings within the city, of which one should pay a special attention to the current headquarters of the University, the Cathedral, the Clock Tower, as well as to the museums of art and history.

Tourist information office in Salo

Tourist information office in Salo
Piazza Sant’Antonio, 25087, Salo, Brescia, Italy
0039 0365 21423
0039 0365 21423
[email protected]