The Regional Nature Park of Lessinia is a genuine oasis of nature and traditions, stretching on the upper side of the Lessini Mountains. The scientific interest stimulated by this park is owed to its flora and fauna consisting of tens of species which ensure a stable balance of the regional ecosystem.

On the other hand, people with naturalistic interests will be pleased to learn the park excels by certain geological features, being marked, for instance, by the largest karst cave in the pre-Alpine area of the region of Veneto. We speak of the Covolo di Camposilvano Cave, which is said to have inspired Dante in conceiving and describing the Inferno in its Divine Comedy, and which has fueled the device of sundry local legends.

The park is dotted with all sorts of spectacular geological formations and fossil deposits, but, as it was already mentioned, it is worth visiting by people interested in discovering the local traditions, since the ethnographic and cultural identity of the communities within Lessinia has preserved virtually intact.

The organization which administrates the park also suggests visits to the more than 10 museums located within the park, in sundry localities in the area.

For complete details on the naturalistic and tourist importance of the Regional Nature park of Lessinia, as well as on visits and how to get here, use the information provided below on the organization managing the park:

Regional Nature Park of Lessinia (Parco Naturale Regionale della Lessinia)
52, Piazza Borgo, 37021, Bosco Chiesanuova, Verona, Italy
0039 0456 799232
0039 0456 780677
[email protected]