Mincio Park stretches south from Lake Garda, and it fills a generous area, all the way to the Po River. This is not just a nature park where sundry species of animals (birds in particular) and plants typical of this region live and grow, but also a core of local traditions, being easily classifiable rural park.

Furthermore, it is valuable from a historical point of view, being marked by several archeological sites. Thus, the richness and diversity of this park have led the organization in charge with its management to conceive several tourist paths in order to introduce visitors, as adequately as possible, in the vast world of the park to the full extent of its coordinated. As a result, depending on the interests they harbor, visitors can opt for an archeological tour, a cultural tour, naturalistic tours or, why not, oenological and gastronomical tours.

For a thorough description of Mincio Park, as well as of the tourist opportunities it makes available, use the indications provided below on the organization managing it:

Mincio Park (Parco del Mincio)
10, Piazza Porta Giulia, Mantua, Italy
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